Welcome to the new home of The Gateway Cobra Club.

    This new website and forum has some really neat features. First, this homepage will feature new content each day. The columns on the left have recent posts of our forum, and the car of the day picked from our latest uploads in the Garage section of the site. Take a few minutes and upload some pictures of your rides. The columns on the right feature a feed from our Facebook page. There's always something interesting there. Also, further down you'll notice we added a weather widget to help you plan your cruising. We hope to add new widgets on both side columns as we find them.

    The center section of this homepage has three categories. Firstly is this section - Latest News. You'll find articles about new and important information for our members. You'll find info about meetings, cruises, planning, and all news regarding the club.

    Just below this section is our Car of the Month section. Here you'll be able to read about our selection of our favorite member's rides. We'll do our best to change this section each month. It's mostly eye candy so enjoy. Below that is our Join Us section. This semi-permanent article describes the benefits of joining our little band. We'll add articles to the section as they pop up.

    The main forum has a new design. we hope you like it.

    New Features
    A new section of the site is Info Articles. From this section, you will be able to see articles on a huge variety of Cobra related content. Things like Car Show prep, Track Prep, winter storage, DIY projects, technical issues, maintenance, and hopefully a whole bunch more. If anyone wants to write an article - go for it. Send it to us, we'll review it, edit it as needed and post it up. Our goal with this section is that it becomes a big resource for anyone interested in our hobby.

    Garage is a new style gallery for us. It's a bit more robust than standard galleries, and it lets members upload their pictures and add specific descriptions and information.

    Blogs is a new feature for the site. Think of the blog like a diary. We'll post after-action reports about our cruises and gatherings, interesting articles, or maybe just pictures of the fun we have at the Gateway Cobra Club. We'll use the Blog section to to push content to our Facebook page.

    Finally, being a new format please be patient as we tweek a few things and learn about this new software. Thanks in advance for your patience.
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