• Polishing Towels

    1100 GSM Dual Layer MicroFiber towels. The absolute plushest ones you can find. Great for polishing your ride. 15-1/2" Square - about 1/2" thick!

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    Tips & Tricks to Increase the Life of your Microfiber
    • Wash prior to use (to remove residual lint and dye from the manufacturing process)
    • Wash separate from cotton bath towels & cloths (so foreign lint is not picked up)
    • Colors will slightly bleed (not color fast, wash dark & light colors separately)
    • Do not use bleach (it breaks down the fibers making them fragile & less absorbent)
    • Machine dry on low heat (high heat will melt the fibers lessening the cleaning ability)
    • Do not use fabric softeners (they leave film on the fibers and clog the “micro” fibers)
    • For best results use Micro Restore ‘The Original Microfiber Detergent’ (only 2 oz. are needed per 5 gallon load)
    • Household laundry detergents may not be effective at fully cleaning the microfiber
    • For delicate surfaces make sure your microfiber is debris free and continuously rotate the towel to a clean towel surface when wiping

    Microfiber Care Instructions

    Laundry Detergent

    For best results and a longer lifespan it is highly recommended to use Micro Restore “The Original Microfiber Detergent”. Micro Restore is highly concentrated. Only 2 oz. are needed per 5 gallon load.

    Household laundry detergents will not be effective at washing microfiber that was used to clean extremely dirty surfaces or surfaces with heavy oils, grease or dust. Plus, many household detergents contain fabric softeners and scents (which is not recommended). Using more detergent will not make the microfiber cleaner, in fact, it leaves a residue on the fibers that may lessen the cleaning ability.

    Machine Washable

    It is recommended to wash your microfiber towels prior to their first use. This will remove any residual lint, and any extra dye from the manufacturing process.

    Wash separately from other types of fabric (cotton bath towels and clothes) and wash with like colors (to avoid bleeding and the transfer of foreign lint). Microfiber is not color safe. Polyamide, the second component in quality microfiber, is the absorbent element of the fiber which absorbs the dye, just as the microfiber absorbs water and other liquids. When the towels are washed it is inevitable that some of the absorbed dye will be released.

    Avoid bleach as it can break down the fibers making them fragile and less absorbent.

    Machine Drying

    Machine dry on low heat. Avoid high heat as it can melt the fibers diminishing the extreme cleaning ability. Avoid fabric softeners because they will leave a film and clog the split micro-fibers.

    Delicate Surfaces

    It is important that you use a clean towel free of debris or foreign lint before cleaning and polishing delicate surfaces. In general, high quality microfiber do not scratch so it is important to continuously switch to a clean towel surface when wiping. Also, if you drop the towel on the ground it is better to switch to a clean towel that you know is free from debris.