• Winter Blues

    Article by Purple Venom.

    Each year, about this time, I toy with the thought of selling Purple Venom. I tell others it will be for sale soon, I have a price in mind, and I just stay away from the car so it will be easier when it sells. I tell everyone that Iím bored with the car, that Iíve had it for 8 years and itís time for a change in scenery. I tell co-workers that Iím looking for something else, and they look at me with a confused look and replyÖ..why? Last weekend, I was able to help Mark P out and take his car to paint. Seeing the excitement in his face and enthusiasm in his car made me think, I have one of those too and mineís paintedÖwhereís my excitement? Itís been there all along. Then, thereís a day like 2/18 when itís 62 degrees, the sun is shining and I take the car cover off, I clean it out a little, disconnect the battery tender and start it up in the garage. I back it out in the driveway to let it idle for a while to charge the battery some, to settle the seals and to burn some old gas and Iím reminded of a lot of fun had in that car.

    I remember the day I bought it at Fastlane and being afraid to tell my wife what I had just done by sending her a picture. Since the car wasnít ready to take delivery that day, she really didnít believe me until I brought it home. There was that first time at Gateway Raceway meeting Keith, Tom K and Mike D at the KSHE car show and putting my car on a portable dyno with one of the Ford Execs watching. Speaking of car shows, my first entry in a car show got me 2nd place, still have that trophy.

    Iíve driven my car in South Dakota, Wyoming, Arkansas, Texas, Illinois and of course Missouri putting over 24,000 miles on my car since 2006, in rain, snow, 100 degrees down to 12 degrees. I took my Dad for the ride of his life a few years ago, and traveled 120 miles with my Brother to my Sisterís house. Iíve been able to put some big smiles on little kidís faces by letting them sit in the car while their Mom or Dad took pictures. Iíve done a lot of work to the car in the garage, in a parking lot, on the side of the road and at the track. Work was done to help with braking, handling and of course horsepower for participating in track days, something I thought I would never get to do.

    The car has come from a palsy 285 rwhp at that KSHE show in 2006 to 440rwhp in 2013, mainly from tuning. My wife has been by my side for many of those miles and has said many times that I canít sell that car, thatís the one thing we can do together. Weíve met a lot of great people along the way that we otherwise wouldnít have and weíve traveled to places that we wouldnít have thought about going to without this car. So, my winter blues are slowly getting shook off as Spring nears and I think about driving it even more places I havenít been. I still think about selling it, but, what would I do without it?