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    You can contact us through a variety of ways.
    1) Visit our Forum and hit the contact Us link at the bottom of the page.
    2) E-Mail one of our officers
    3) Send us a letter to:

    Gateway Cobra Club
    259 Old Sulphur Spring Rd.
    Manchester, MO 63021

    Our Club Officers are:

    Mark Patterson
    (Forum ID MPTech) Contact Us
    Car: Factory Five Racing MK IV

    Dan Turnbull
    Vice President
    (Forum ID TBull) Contact Us
    Car: Factory Five Racing MK IV Being Built 2019/2020

    Paul Proefrock
    Treasurer & Web Admin
    (Forum ID PaulProe) Contact Us
    Car:Hurricane Motorsports

    Tim Mauldin
    (Forum ID - Purple Venom) Contact Us
    Car:Factory Five Racing MK 2

    Mike Plunk
    Activities Director
    (Forum ID - MPlunk) Contact Us
    Car: Superformance

    Mark Earls
    (Forum ID - STL Mark) Contact Us
    Comments 5 Comments
    1. Gracie's Avatar
      Gracie -
      Any indication of MEMBERSHIP. DIRECTOR? Geez credit where credit is due...
    1. MPTech's Avatar
      MPTech -
      Calm down Ian, I didn't even realize that page was updated (2 years ago).
      Patience Grasshopper. More info to come.
    1. Gracie's Avatar
      Gracie -
      Membership Director has been scraped?
    1. MPTech's Avatar
      MPTech -
      No, we'll discuss formalizing it at the next Officer meeting and other duties/opportunities. We appreciate your accomplishments.
    1. Richgrsc's Avatar
      Richgrsc -
      Give him a cookie too.
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