• October 2015 Car of the Month

    This photo was taken in 2009 in Yellville, Ar during our 1st annual Supercruise. As you can see, we had quite a turnout of cars from our Missouri club, and from Arkansas. The original intent of Supercruise was to introduce people to the great roads in Nw Arkansas that to me, still rival those around Tail of the Dragon, but much closer. It was also a chance for a multi day cruise where we could get to know each other on a personal level. It has been a yearly event in the fall (minus 2010) and is once again on for 11/5 - 11/8/2015 using the same hotel and portions of the original route. This Dari Inn has since closed, but at that time, it was a great stop for some ice cream and to take a break as well as provide an instant car show for a small town. Prior to this photo being taken, Gary (the Orange Car) was given a stern talking to about driving his Corvette driving so fast on the roads just North of town by a Grandma in her Buick While here, we also met a fellow car enthusiast that introduced us to Push Mountain Road. I had it on my route, but I knew it as Hwy 341....either way, it was a great road and has been re-visited 3 times since that day.

    There were many pics from that trip, and subsequent trips, that could have qualified as Calendar material such as these below, and as you can see, we did indeed have a Corvette with us:

    This trip is a lot of fun with a lot of great people. The 2015 version of Supercruise had to be delayed due to weather, but has since been re-scheduled. This will mark the 6th time we have done this yearly fall cruise, and we've yet to cover some of the great roads there....mainly because we have some favorites:

    So, mark it on your calendars now, the 2016 version of Supercruise will be around the last week of October or first week of November 2016.