• The year in review so far

    Noticed the button to create an article, thought I would try it. What to talk about, well, how about a re-cap of what we've done so far this year. Obviously we've had 8 monthly meetings, some at Fastlane Classic Cars and some at Sonic in Chesterfield. The driving season started off in late March with a cruise on 3/26 and the Easter show in Forest Park attended by some. My car was still in many different parts at this time from my winter mods, but Mark Patterson picked up the torch and organized a cruise and attendance at several car events in the area.

    We had a club dyno day at Franjo Speed Shop in Chesterfield with a few Cobra's and a mean GT350 clone on the dyno. This is a fun event with a lot of jabs taken at the small block and big block guys. Point is to not have the most horsepower, but, to have a good time.

    A great cruise and day down to Perryville for an event downtown there. Thanks to Mark (MPTech) for organizing this one. The cruise down was good, but what's a Cobra cruise without Ice Cream?

    We attended the Cobblestone Car Show at Fastlane over Memorial Day weekend and had a great turnout there.

    A winery cruise to Cedar Lakes Winery and several other cruises were organized.

    Several of us attended a track event at Putnam Road Course in Indiana.

    Recently, we met our cross state friends, Mid America Cobra Club, for a joint event in Columbia, MO

    So, as you can see, we have a wide variety of events that you can take advantage of. We recently began having more social events like attending free concerts, fireworks displays, and upcoming will be a pool party. The point is, we do plenty, much of it is posted in the members only section, but we do plenty. I hope this helps you to decide to join us at more events. Your participation is vital to our success and to make it fun for all.
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