• Membership in GCC

    Annual Dues may be paid by check or Paypal.

    Follow this link to pay using Paypal -

    Should you want to send a check, please send an email to Tim Mauldin at mauldint at att.net (change at to the @ sign and remove the spaces) and I can provide you the address to send the check to.

    As part of your membership, you will get the 2019 GCC Calendar, a window sticker, access to members who have built their car or cars, a Club Holiday party, A Club Picnic, and access to our club Dyno Day as well as great people to hang out with.

    We have a great group of people with a core that is fairly active taking advantage of good weather days and using them to get out and enjoy our cars to their fullest. We attend a few car shows, cars and coffee and generally get together (outside of the cars) just to have a good time.

    One doesn't have to own a Shelby Cobra or Replica to join, you just have to have a great interest in the hobby. If you own, owned, have interest or are building, or planning a build of a Shelby vintage vehicle, (289 Cobra, 427 Cobra, Cobra replica, Daytona replica, GT40 or vintage GT350/GT500 Mustang) - YOU are invited to join us here at The Gateway Cobra Club. Most of our members own Cobra replicas from virtually all of the various manufacturers. We also boast a few members that own REAL Cobras too! And yes, there are some GT40's, Coupes and Mustangs too!

    Of course, with cars like these, you gotta take 'em on the track! We do and have a few opportunities for you do that with other members.

    The annual membership is a low $50/year. This is used for the club sponsored activities the cost to host our web page/forum, and other expenses throughout the year to help the club. I hope you will join us and participate in the fun.

    This is my car, so, if you see me around and want to join, flag me down!
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