• February 2018 Car of the Month

    Hey all, starting the Car of the Month articles back up. This month's car belongs to Bob and Lynn from Manchester. Bob purchased his kit in August 2013, and took delivery in December 2013 from Factory Five Racing. And, I'm sure taking delivery in December coupled with the holidays delayed the build start until March 2014. As most of you know, when you build it, you take your time as your life depends on it Well, Bob was no different as his first go kart (driving the car with no body) about a year later in April 2015. As I remember, even getting the car out of the garage was an entire project of itself. Bob had to extend his shop and build a drive to it

    Well, of course licensing was next on Bob's list and he was able to get that accomplished relatively quickly in August 2015 as a 1965 Ford 2 door. Which, for those of you building, this is a good tip - Get your car licensed as a Ford Tudor (2 door) as your tax man/bookkeeper and your wallet will thank you when it comes time to pay personal property tax. Bob drove his car in gel coat (no paint on the Red body) for a bit before driving it, yes driving it to California to have it painted by the infamous DaBat (Jeff Miller). The story here is DaBat would have his car painted in time so Bob could attend the Huntington Beach show...and, you know what? He did! Well, after the show, wasn't but one thing to do...drive home! Now mind you, Bob had done some driving around St Louis and all, but, nothing like this. If you see Bob, ask him about the trip....there are some stories from the road as they say DaBat painted Bob's car Viper Blue with Arctic White Stripes...I love the color!

    You may ask, what's under the hood? Bob has a 331 Ford Racing motor with a Edelbrock Pro Flo II EFI via Mike Forte (look him up, he provides a lot of stuff for the replica's) that transfers power to the Nitto 355 rear tires mounted on the Factory Five Halibrand style wheels. Bob runs 275's in the front. Other options include AC, Heat, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Hydraulic clutch, a radio (that Bob says is useless unless parked) and he even has a backup camera (that he needs lessons with) Bob says that Factory Five build specialist Mark Dougherty helped a bunch with his build and was instrumental in getting his Wife Lynn and his kids involved in the build, which, if you're building, I hope you can get your family involved.

    Very nice/pretty build Bob!
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    1. MPTech's Avatar
      MPTech -
      Turned out GREAT Bob! It's Killer. Blue with white stripes, wheels, and dual side-pipes is just Iconic.
    1. Gracie's Avatar
      Gracie -
      Yes super looking coupe, very nice car, good job BOB!