• May COM

    Sorry, been running behind on getting this posted. The May COM belongs to Scott J. Scott has been a member since 2016 and has been the organizer of the Chicken Dinner runs down to Dittmer. The weather finally cooperated this year and we had 8 cars attend with no rain drops

    I asked Scott about his Factory Five MKIII and the car was purchased in March 2006 as a retirement project by his Father. His Father passed away in June of 2009, and Scott took the car over. His Father did get the donor car stripped and some of the body work started. By 2012, Scott had the car moved to his house and started the build in January 2012. As you all know, if you concentrate on the build, they go fairly quick and Scott was no different getting his car to Go-Kart by May of 2014 and his car was inspected in May 2016 and road legal by September 2016.

    Color choice is always the hardest part of the build, and Scott selected a great color called Metallic Midnight Blue with Metallic Silver stripes done by Murrill in Washington in May of 2015. The car really shines in the sunlight!

    Powering this beauty is a 5.0 with a '94 Cobra intake and 75mm Throttle Body and sending the power to the rear wheels, it's coupled with a T-5 Tranny and High Performance manual clutch and a '94 solid axle 3.27 posi. I'm sure this is plenty to send the rear wheels into a smoke cloud

    Of course, if you're going to get there fast, you need to make sure you can stop fast too. Knowing that the stock Mustang brakes stopped a 3,500lb car just fine, Scott didn't make much change with those.

    Keeping the car on the pavement is a set of Nitto NT555 tires, 235/45/17's mounted on 17x8 American Racing Vintage Torque Thrust Wheels which look great with the Dark Blue paint.

    Interior was kept pretty simple and is a custom design and '69 Vintage Gauges installed.

    Future plans? Scott says possibly a Supercharger to fill that Need For Speed!

    Great build Scott and look forward to seeing you out and about!