I am considering buying an enclosed trailer to use to transport large household items from our Farmington house to the farm and to transport guns and ammo to gun shows.
When we permanently move to the farm it needs to be large enough that we can haul personal items in plastic totes in as few a number of trips as possible.

Obviously, I don't yet have need of one to haul a Cobra...but am curious as to the smallest size of enclosed trailer that "could" haul a Cobra.
I can measure my car dimensions but would appreciate any input from our more experienced members that might allow a purchase to potentially also do double duty in the future hauling our car.

At this point, I am looking for a bumper mount, double axle with brakes, ramp, a side door, and an angled front end.
I would like one tall enough that I could stand up inside. (6'4")
It would be pulled with our 3/4 T Suburban.
I am considering both aluminum and steel frames.
Initially, it would be used for hauling cargo.
Much later it can be tailored with tie-down anchors and interior lights to haul the Cobra.