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    Default It's THAT time of year! Before the Cruise Season begins, MAKE SURE to check your

    Hey Guys!
    Before the Cruise Season begins, MAKE SURE to check your Blinker Fluid, Exhaust Bearings, and ensure your Flux Capcitor is fully charged! Get out you left-handed Torque-wrench and get those bolts tightened!

    April Fools! PLEASE tell me you knew that already!

    OK, but our first outdoor meeting is next Tuesday (4/9) at Sonic in Chesterfield
    and THAT'S NO JOKE!!!!
    Weather is reporting 71* and it will be great to see everyone after a LONG and COLD winter.
    Also, we'll fire up Kent's Garage Party Post, for 4/13! Don't forget to plan for that next weekend! (details will be provided in the post)
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    Also, check to make sure your lock washers are not installed backwards.

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