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    Default New Pneumatic Trunk Support Kit from FFR

    I ran across this on the Factory Five Forum. It's not suppose to push up on the trunk lid like Michael Everson's version. Factory Five does not have it on their website yet. If you call them you can order it. I have been fighting to line my trunk up ever since I installed Michael's. Plus it doesn't hold the trunk up very well and not all the way open. So I just ordered this one. Looks like it should work better. We'll see....
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    Hmmm.. interesting. I'd like to see that one. Keep us posted and thanks.
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    Would pretty easy to modify the old hinge arm to work the same as the new style.

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    My support arm is more circular and infringes on trunk space a little more (I've had interference with some items I've loaded in the trunk (larger/soft over-night bags). I also think this leverage is improved with the placement of the pneumatic connection, less resistance when the lid is down and more force when the lid is up. I like my MK4 hinge setup with Michael Eversons shocks, but this looks better. Mine will hold up the trunk lid (barely), but when the temp drops, it struggles and has fallen on my head as I rumaged in the trunk.
    I wonder if this is a direct replacement (looks like it).

    Thanks for sharing Tony!
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