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    Default Events for June & July?

    Looking to add some additional events to our calendar for June and July. Below are some things we have done in the past or talked about:

    Cruise to Bob's Gasoline Alley?
    Cruise to Mary Janes Burgers & Brews in Perryville?
    Outdoor movie night?
    GCC swim party?
    Reserve pavilion at LSL for BBQ, beach, lake and boat rides? (would be a non-Cobra event)
    Craft Beer and dinner?
    Ice Cream run?
    Go Carts at Gateway?

    What did you enjoy and would like to do again or have interest in doing??

    Welcome all feedback and additional suggestions?

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    Yep I say let’s get after it, all looks fun...GCC Pool Party....Barb says ok...was talk that Dan would want to host.?.....whatever is decided is ok. Turners will be out of state vacation 6/27 to 7/8....pick some dates...regarding other mentioned “to do”.... I like them all...

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    Be advised...that Perryville has a good car show on the square every first Saturday of the month beginning at 5 pm and continuing until dark.
    The club would need to arrive early (4:30 pm) for parking spots as it fills up quickly.
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    Go karts at Gateway would be fun.
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    I'm planning on taking the Rambler to a Orphan car show at the transportation museum.
    June 2, Sunday – Orphan Car Show, hosted by Gateway Chapter of the Hudson, Essex & Terraplane Club & The Gateway AMC Club, Upper Lot, 11 am – 2 pm

    And Third Wheel Brewing is doing a couple things for their 2nd anniversary release party.
    June 6, Thursday 7 to 9

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