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    Default QuickJack Sale

    Yo...just saw QUICKJACK on Sale at Home Depot, today only...$1,000....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gracie View Post
    Yo...just saw QUICKJACK on Sale at Home Depot, today only...$1,000....
    I see the BL-5000SLX for $1099...but after sales tax it would be close to $1200.
    Keep in mind too that the model shown is the 120V power unit.
    I went with the 12V unit which is IMO much more versatile for lifting in locations lacking a 120V outlet.
    Also...the lift is 212lbs which is more than one person should try to handle without help.

    That is still cheaper than the $1265 I paid for the same model with 12v power delivered to my door.

    I have used mine now five times on three different vehicles since it was purchased last year. And...I have used it on an incline greater than what they recommend with no issues.
    It has worked great. Operation has been flawless.
    The only issue is that it can be a little hard to position it under the vehicle without getting up and down to adjust position several times. The supplied U shaped handles for maneuvering are not very user friendly.
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