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    Default Safe Socializing, just a couple options.........

    We tried a couple things this weekend I wanted to share.

    We conducted a Facetime Happy Hour with our friends in Columbia on Friday. It was good to see & talk to them and the Facetime worked pretty well.
    With just the 2 connections, they were full screen and very clear.
    I'm not sure how it works with more than 2, but I setup my iPad and we sat outside on the deck and enjoyed visiting and drinking.

    Last night, my daughter-in-law setup a Zoom family meeting. I had to download the app to my laptop, but that was pretty easy and with the Zoom we had my son and his wife and my daughter and her husband on (6 people/3 connections). Half-way thru, my connection dropped (don't know why, but their connection was still active), so I installed the app on my iPad and the picture was clearer. If you click the little matrix in the top right, you can see all connections at one time.

    We have an evening scheduled with our other friends for later this week to play JackBox. We played this together around Christmas with them. I don't know how to set this up yet (my friend initiated it the last time), but it was fun and another chance to visit and laff with others. I'l try to get some more info and post back here.
    They are currently giving away Drawful 2 for Three Weeks, but there is a cost for the other games & party pack.
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    Neighbors had a Social Distancing Happy Hour last week. Drew squares for each family in chalk on the pavement, brought you drink, chairs...a little too cozy fo

    Been going to P. South track for work out. Last Friday, there were 30 cars there, again too cozy for this old guy.

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    We had happy hour with Keith/Laurie and other Friday Friends last weekend using the HouseParty App. I talked to my Sister and Wayne tonight on it. Works pretty good so far.
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