1965 Factory Five Roadster

"Purple Venom"



MKII Factory Five Roadster with a big block 460, 3.55 rear gears wearing 2007 Ford Orange Crush

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I bought my car assembled in 2006 with 1200 miles on it from Fastlane Classic Cars. At the time I was just looking at how the Factory Five and B&B kits were built. After looking the cars over, it was clear the Factory Five car was the better built car. But, it was PURPLE! I remember David telling me to wait until he pulled it out in the sun. Once he started it, I was hooked regardless of the color, but, pulling it out in the sun didn't hurt either. Then, there was the phone call and text to Linda of "look what I just bought!" Well, that was 31,000 miles ago and we've been to a lot of places that I never would have gone without this car. From race tracks to Cobra meets in San Marcos, to Deadwood and Tail of the Dragon...it's been one of the most reliable cars I've ever owned. Looking forward to meeting more new people and making new friends.


  • Frame: Tubular
  • Rear Axle: 3.55
  • Rear Suspension: 4 Link
  • Front Suspension: Factory Five
  • Brakes: PBR dual piston in front and Mustang GT single piston Rear
  • Wheels and Tires: 17" ZR GT500 Wheels
  • Chassis Other: 4" Tube Main frame / 3/4" sq. tube
  • Chassis Work: n/a


  • Engine Size: 460
  • Block: 385 Block
  • Camshaft: Stock/Crate
  • Cylinder Heads: Cobra Jet
  • Engine Work: Port matched intake
  • Valve train: Stock/Crate
  • Induction: Carb - Quickfuel 750
  • Ignition: MSD 6
  • Exhaust: Dual
  • Transmission: Tremec 5 speed

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  • Body Modifications: n/a
  • Paint Color: Orange Crush with Ingot Silver Stripes
  • Paint & Body Work: Murrel Feldman Classic Dreams in Washington, MO


  • Upholstery: n/a
  • Seats: Street Comp from Factory Five
  • Dash: n/a
  • Guages: Autometer with angled bezels
  • Steering: Manual - Unisteer 15:1
  • Shifter: Forward offset, 5 speed
  • Other Interior: Herb's Door panels
  • Upholstery Work: I re-carpeted the car when re-painted in 2016/17.