1965 FFR Mrk III early model



My last build???

More Details

My third FFR roadster build. It has the things I thought missing from my other builds. Power steering and power brakes, IRS suspension and more power.


  • Frame: 4' tube frame
  • Rear Axle: 3:55 ratio
  • Rear Suspension: IRS from a Lincoln Mrk VIII
  • Front Suspension: FFR tube A-arm suspension, SN95 spindle
  • Brakes: SN95 Mustang front calipers, Lincoln Mrk VIII rear calipers, vacuum powered
  • Wheels and Tires: 15" pindrive knock-offs


  • Engine Size: 331
  • Block: 1992 Mustang 5.0
  • Reciprocating Assembly: Forged 331 crank
  • Camshaft: Trickflow Stage 2
  • Cylinder Heads: ARF 185, with upgraded springs and rocker arm bolts
  • Engine Work: bored and clearances for crank
  • Valve train: Comp roller rockers, and heavy duty pushrods
  • Induction: Borla 8 Stack
  • Ignition: Fast EZ-2, MSD 6 ignition box, and MSD distributer
  • Exhaust: FFR lon tube headers
  • Transmission: T-5


  • Seats: FFR high back
  • Dash: rally gauge layout